A Kiss

[Listen to Asha read this story]

(Told by an Ananda devotee)

The child was retarded, and the unaccustomed energy of having Swamiji and our whole tour group staying in her home as guests of her mother was making her loud and unruly.

She was about fourteen years old and a formidable force in the middle of the kitchen where we were trying to make breakfast. I had no idea how to react; I just wanted to get away from her. Swamiji, however, knew just what to do. He put his hands on her shoulders and planted a huge kiss right on her cheek. 

Instantly, she calmed down – and so did I. 

That simple act by Swamiji taught me more than words can ever say. Faced with disharmony and chaos, my impulse had been to run away. Swamiji’s instinctive response in all circumstances is to give energy and love.

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