“This book is first class. Read one story and you will want immediately to proceed to the next. Asha Praver has done an outstanding job and is a true literateur.”
—COVR Visionary Award Judge

“Enthusiastically recommended across the board for anyone who wants to learn more about a great man.”
—Midwest Book Review

“Walking the line between worship and reporting, covering a myriad of controversial and many-sided topics, chronicling your own experiences while telling someone else’s life story—any of these would have felled a lesser mind! Mazel tov! A great job on a very challenging task!”
—Bonnie Remsberg, award-winning journalist and author

“I’ve never met, heard of, or read about anybody with this level of integrity who walks the walk in ALL areas of life the way Swami Kriyananda does. A must read for anyone serious on the spiritual path.”
—Lisa Kaz, President, Los Angeles Auto Show

“Swami Kriyananda is a generational figure who has created a great legacy of books, music, and dedicated disciples. This book shows the depth and power of his influence and his ability to change the lives of people.”
—Dr David (Vamadeva) Frawley, founder, The American Institute for Vedic Studies, author of 
Yoga: The Greater Tradition

“You can pick up and read this book on any page and become inspired, intrigued, and amazed. It’s so interesting to see how someone with this level of understanding lives and teaches.”
—Nancy Lee, author, intuitive psychotherapist, radio journalist, host and producer of “Lights on with Nancy Lee”

“Connects heart to heart with each person. Answers spiritual questions that many have on their own journey.”
—May Leilani Schmidt, minister, Reiki master, radio host of “The Universal Spiritual Connection”

“It is impossible after reading this book to look at life in the same way. One has glimpsed an exalted way of being.”
—Richard Salva, author, 
Soul Journey: From Lincoln to Lindberg

“Hundreds of anecdotes keep it flowing with a delightful assortment of situations, people, spiritual journeys, and ‘Aha!’ moments. Swami Kriyananda is a man of strong inner wisdom. His teachings bring light to conditions people struggle with right now.”
—Catherine Bradford, host, “Wellness Roadshow”

“When I first began to read this book, I was surprised by a joyful feeling, coming from nowhere and everywhere. It was perhaps the most intense experience I’ve ever had from reading a book.”
—Jonah Cosley, Nevada City, CA

“When a book comes out with this much energy, clarity, and power, it is destined to help awaken many and be a treasure for all time.”
—Robert Frutos, author of 
Photographing Nature in Hawaii: Capturing the Beauty and Spirit of the Islands

“Spellbinding. Far exceeded my expectations of what a biography, at its best, can accomplish.”
—Liladevi Stone, author of 
The Essential Flower Essence Handbook

“We gain a broader understanding of what it means to be on a spiritual path and what our responsibility is to each other.”
—Colleen Heater, co-author of 
The Pilgrim’s Italy: A Travel Guide to the Saints

“As I read this book for the third time, I’m finding it more inspiring than ever. I can’t think of a word to describe it better than ‘glorious.’”
—George Beinhorn, author of 
Fitness Intuition

“No need to extrapolate spiritual lessons form a time and culture far different from our own. Here is a 2oth century American man who is also one of the most renowned spiritual teachers of our time.”
—Shanti Rubentone, M.D., formerly clinical instructor, Stanford School of Medicine

“A must for anyone even remotely interested in spirituality. Kriyananda has been an ideal disciple of a great Master, Paramhansa Yogananda.”
—D. R. Kaarthikeyan, former Director, Central Bureau of Investigation (India), National Human Rights Commission

“A remarkable collection of personal stories that reveal Swami Kriyananda’s inner character as a master teacher and spiritual guide.”
—The Rev. Canon Charles B. Atcheson, Episcopal priest (retired)

“The stories Asha shares about Kriyananda—the daily insights and wisdom that she drew from him—are truly amazing. It was an honor and a pleasure to speak with her, and a blessing to have her on our Peaceful Planet show. The spiritual legacy from which she is working is a great one: She was personally trained by Swami Kriyananda. Her explanations are so clear. She has an amazing way of describing profound truths. Someone once wrote, ‘Only a great teacher produces more great teachers.’ From that viewpoint, I think Swami Kriyananda qualifies as a great teacher.”
—Marcia McMahon, M.A., host, “Peaceful Planet” radio show, author,
With Love from Diana, Queen of Hearts