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When the formal interview was done, Steven, the journalist, began to ask Swamiji some personal questions of his own. 

“I am a Gemini,” Steven said, “and am curious about everything. It’s hard for me to stick to just one spiritual path. I feel like I might be missing something, so I keep jumping from one to another.

“Each time I meet a new teacher and start a new set of practices, I feel like I’m accomplishing so much. But spiritually I keep ending up right back where I started.”

“Going in circles,” Swamiji said, “does give one a certain sense of accomplishment. The bigger the circle, the greater the sense of accomplishment.”

“What is the answer then to all my doubts?” Steven asked.

“Peace,” Swamiji said. “The experience of peace resolves all doubts. There are many true paths. Choose one and go deeply into it. Until you do that, your mind will always be restless.”

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