My Choice

[Listen to Asha read this story]

(Told by an Ananda devotee)

I was in a bad mood. When the phone rang in the Ananda publishing office where I worked, I answered it in a less than cordial manner. Whoever it was, I made it clear that I didn’t want to hear from him.

Of course, it was Swami Kriyananda. Others have told me he has a knack for catching a person at moments like this.

In an abrupt, not very friendly tone—reflecting back to me the way I had greeted him—Swamiji asked if the manager was in. She was not. He was all business and seemed to be in a hurry, but before hanging up, he inquired more gently, “How are you?”

I saw the choice before me: To remain in a bad mood or put out the energy to rise above it. With all the positive force I could muster, I said, “Very good, Sir!”

For a moment, Swamiji was silent. Then he said sweetly, “Good girl.”

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