Let God Decide

[Listen to Asha read this story]

In my secretarial jobs before coming to Ananda, it was my practice not only to type the letters my boss gave me, but also to edit them for clarity, grammar, and flow. I enjoyed having something creative to do, and the people I worked for appreciated my contribution.

In my first secretarial job at Ananda, I continued in the same way without bothering to ask the person I worked for now if this was what he wanted. It turned out it he didn’t want it—emphatically not.

I defended my right to make needed improvements to letters that went out from “our” office. When Swamiji heard about the controversy, he did not side with me.

“I wouldn’t want my secretary to edit my letters,” he said.

“But, Sir, his letters need editing,” I replied.

Swamiji answered, “Seek to be the least, and God will give you your rightful place.”

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