A Good Deal

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When personal computers became available, because of all the writing he does, Swamiji was one of the first people at Ananda to buy one. When he needed to upgrade his printer, he heard that a woman in the community had one she needed to sell.

Her son, hoping to make her retirement more secure, had invested some of her money in a business that had looked promising. Instead, it went bankrupt. Now she needed money, and on her behalf, the son came to talk to Swamiji about the printer. Swamiji knew the woman had paid $4500 for it. It was the early days of computing and equipment was quite expensive.

“Because it is for my mother,” the son said, “I was hoping to get $3500 for it, even though it is used. I imagine you’d rather spend only $1,500.” Swamiji hadn’t said anything about a price. “So why don't we settle for $2,500?" the son suggested, thinking it would be a favorable deal for both sides.

Swamiji didn’t have much to spend on this piece of equipment. He knew from experience, however, that if he committed money to a righteous cause, even if he didn’t have it, the money would come.

So with a confidence that soon proved justified, Swamiji said, “I don’t like that suggestion. She is my mother, too. I will pay you $4,500 for the printer.”

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