Let Him Take It

[Listen to Asha read this story]

The money belonged to Ananda, but the man had access to it. It was more than $10,000, a lot of money by any measure, but especially in the early years of Ananda when every dollar had to do the work of ten!

The temptation proved too great, and the man wrote a letter explaining why he needed the money and why he felt justified in taking it. He was an old friend, so it was up to Swamiji to decide what to do.

“If he takes the money,” Swamiji said, “don’t interfere, just let him have it. There is no point in trying to explain to him why he shouldn’t. He has it all worked out in his own mind and he wouldn’t understand.

“Maybe later he’ll see what he has done and return it to us. But whatever happens, I refuse to let money get in the way of my friendship with him. Many people choose money over friendship. I place friendship higher than money.

“This whole world is consciousness. If our consciousness is right, everything else will follow. We don’t have to be concerned. Where there is dharma, there is victory. If the money is meant to be ours, it will find its way to us by some other route.”

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