The Same Moment

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As a child, Donald [Swamiji] often went into superconsciousness. “At night, while lying in bed,” Swamiji wrote later, “I would see myself absorbed in a radiant inner light, and my consciousness would expand beyond the limits of the body.” It was so natural Donald thought everyone went to sleep this way.

A serious illness at the age of nine, then the challenge of finding his place in the world again, undermined Donald’s easy acceptance of this superconscious state.

“It didn’t relate to the world I was growing up in and had decided I must relate to. I began thinking of that light and expansion as something strange, and pushed it away,” Swamiji wrote in his autobiography. “But I always remembered it.”

After he became a disciple and learned to meditate, Swamiji said, “In meditation, I entered that same state I had experienced as a child. It was as if all the intervening years had ceased to exist. Then and now was the same moment. That reality is eternal. In superconsciousness, time doesn’t exist.”

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