Golden Aura

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(Told by Rick Bonin)

The first time I heard Swami Kriyananda speak was at a lecture in San Francisco. I was meditating with another group at the time, but some friends who had been to one of his lectures told me to go and hear him.

I asked them, “What did he talk about?” They couldn’t specifically remember, they just knew it had been a great talk.

I went to the lecture and took a seat toward the back of the hall. A couple of people made announcements and then Swamiji came out. When he started to speak, a golden aura began to fill the room. It looked like the angel hair you sometimes see on Christmas trees, only instead of white, this was a beautiful golden color. I watched as it wound itself around the hall until everyone was enveloped in it.

I paid close attention to everything Swamiji said and afterwards I was able to discuss the points of his lecture. But I could see why my friends forgot all the details. The most important thing was not what Swamiji said. It was being in that golden aura. I have not had an experience like that before or since.

About six years later, I went to India for the first time as part of a pilgrimage organized by Ananda. By then I was a disciple of Master and living in an Ananda community. We went to Master’s childhood home at 4 Garpar Road in Calcutta.

As I sat there feeling the vibration, it dawned on me that I recognized the vibration because I had experienced it before. I went back in memory trying to figure out how I could recognize something in a place I’d never been, in a country I’d never visited. Then it came to me. It was the same as the feeling I’d had the first time I heard Swamiji speak.

Swamiji has often said, “I pray only to be a channel for Master.” My experience says his prayer has been answered.

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