Meditate on Greatness

[Listen to Asha read this story]

“Writing this book [The Path] should have taken me ten years, but I worked on it with great intensity, and finished it in three,” Swamiji said. “Of course, that doesn’t count all the years I spent collecting the stories and meditating on them.

“I didn’t dare write a single episode of Master’s life until I had meditated on it and was sure I had understood, as far as I was able, what it meant. Sometimes it took years. In order to explain them to others, I had to go deeply into every facet. It was a growing experience for me; no one could learn as much from this book as I have, myself.

“Then I had to decide how many of those levels of meaning I would explain and how much I would leave to the reader to meditate on and grow in the experience, as I have. Meditating on greatness is a way of achieving greatness oneself.”

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