Attracting a Husband

[Listen to Asha read this story]

A woman at Ananda longed to be married, but she couldn’t seem to find the right man. A friend said, “To draw the right person, you have to be very specific about what you want.”

So the woman made a list of all the qualities she wanted in a husband. The list came to three pages. Later she showed it to Swamiji.

He read it carefully, then said to her, “My dear, you are asking for Jesus Christ to be your husband! And Jesus Christ would not marry you!” Then he added, “And even if he would, you wouldn’t be happy with him. You need a husband closer to your own level of consciousness.”

She took Swamiji’s advice, tore up the list, and wrote, “I want a husband who loves God and has a good sense of humor.”

Not long afterwards, a man with these and many other fine qualities came into her life and she has been happily married to him ever since. (Curiously, her husband's birthday is Christmas Day, December 25!)

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